Engineering and Software Development

Based on the most modern software solutions and own software developments, IAT is able to offer any kind of computational service especially for the energy sector. Beyond that, IAT provides conceptual and basic designing of (solar thermal) power plants.

Conceptual engineering

  • Development and assessment of technical concepts
  • Enhanced performance calculations and estimation of impact on economy of different technical concepts

Basic & Energy process engineering

  • System and component specifications
  • Power plant cycle calculations (static + dynamic)
  • Dynamic behavior analyses of components (e.g. storage tank, steam generator, solar field)
  • Dynamic simulation of plantsystems , determination of effective operation strategies
  • Detailed economic analyses
  • Modelling of any kind of thermodynamic processes

Development of specialized software tools

  • Software tools in Matlab / Simulink for Economic and static or dynamic thermodynamic calculations
  • tools for optimizing processes and automatic variation calculation runs
  • Graphical User Interface programming

One outstanding example to integrate these key tasks in one CSP software solution is our brand-new software PLAN CSP-X.

"PLAN CSP-X: The Powerful CSP Modeling Approach."

PLAN CSP-X holistic and user friendly CSP simulation software will be rolled out in Q1 2012.

Due to the holistic mapping of economic and thermodynamic data in one powerful software tool Plan CSP-X offers the possibility to analyze and optimize power plant concepts and its components directly with regard to the economic key performance indicators. This enables time-saving, cost-effective and reliable CSP R&D and project development processes.

The technical part of PLAN CSP-X maps the target site and surrounding characteristics in xyz-orientation being often required for hilly grounds . Then the local weather conditions and the heart of the solar firing system including solar field, receiver, solar HTF cycle and thermal storage are considered. Besides a simple conventional cycle interface to integrate further functions of professional cycle calculation programs, as for example EBSILON, will also be provided.

Based on the created results and on the given electrical capacity, the most important components will be generated over a period of one year in an hourly or other time step accuracy.

The following economic part maps the financial model elements such as the CAPEX & installation referred to each quarter in the construction period, revenue (regime) model, OPEX and financial structure. The economic evaluation of the key performance indicators are generated based on the prior technical and economical inputs in a cash-flow statement structure. With PLAN CSP X the indication of the technical and economic performance of a CSP concept is just a few clicks away.