Project Development

IAT supplies numerous services for all phases during the project development of solar thermal or conventional power plants. These include:

  • Detail analysis based on generation of bidding documents
  • Site surveys
  • Feasibility studies including detailed environmental, technical, legal, interface and commercial assessments and evaluations with PLAN CSP-X
  • Commissioning and management of operation & maintenance of on-site installed weather stations in order to obtain accurate values for direct normal irradiation, wind speed, temperature and humidity
  • Weather data processing and analyses
  • Environmental impact analyses
  • Estimation of plant availability based on weather and plant characteristics
  • Economic analyses of financial key performance indicators KPI, e. g. Internal Rate of Return (IRR) levelized cost of electricity (LCOE), and sensitivity analyses
  • KPI optimized component design Acquisition of project financing
  • Permitting procedures
  • Project Stakeholder communication